Building apps for foldables devices

Samsung partnered with Google to develop the first foldable smartphone. People were very excited about it, because one of best companies were aligning together to launch a product. People had very high expectations. And they were already assuming how the product design and layout would be.

It also opened a new door in app development, because an app with a foldable interface sounded challenging but very new and exciting for the tech geeks. Because, this new app development was unorthodox and contemporary than regular mobile apps.

Impact on App Development

With the increasing competition in making your device and product unique and stand out, engineers are constantly trying to bring something new. So, with foldable screen, you can have a smooth transition between both screens. So, apps were also needed which can be shifted from one screen to other with the smooth transition.

Just like two screens, it might seem that these apps are just like regular apps. But, actually behind the door’s engineers work really hard to make them 100% perfect with the least error/bug.

  • Videos

Because of large screen the orientation for playing and streaming videos were also adjusted. Which made the video looked large, then the regular videos.

  • Calendar

Several improvements came in Calendar app as well. With foldable screen you can view days of the entire month, rather than just days of a week.

  • Creating content

Creating content, writing blogs, posting blogs and much more! It has become very smooth and easy for the content creators to create content, edit videos, write blogs on their phone because with a large screen they can jump from one app to the other without any interruption.

  • Business and Banking

With a large screen you can juggle between various apps and have more access to apps. This will make the business apps work more efficiently. Now you can work and pay your bills simultaneously! Who would’ve thought multi-tasking would become so easy and efficient?

How to build an app?

Having a foldable phone sounds fun but a lot goes on behind the screen that takes effort and time. So, while building an app for a foldable phone there are some things which should be kept in mind.

Two states

Every foldable phone has two screens, one is used and other makes the reflection of it. One screen is the main screen and, in the shadow, other screen is a cover screen. So, whist developing an app the states help users to use the app on one screen while multi-tasking simultaneously.

On the other hand, the cover screen or unfolded screen will allow the user to use other apps without any resistance. It provides a high-end experience to the user.

App design

The app should be designed the developer in such a way that gives total access to the user and freedom to use one hand or both hands. If the phone is in folded state then the app will adjust accordingly and user can use only one hand to tap anywhere on the screen.

But, in the unfolded state the user can use both of his hands to use and touch the screen anywhere.

Multi-window display

It is a unique feature only for apps on foldable smartphones. In this user, will have the freedom to multi-task according to his need. And the extra space would allow the user to use more than one apps simultaneously.

Transition between screen

While switching from one app to other the app shouldn’t bug or stuck. It should be very quick, efficient and seamless.

Continuity of app

It is also important for the app to switch between the screen, should be very smooth. And doesn’t interrupt the continuation of the user.

Screen ratios

It should be kept in mind while developing an app for foldable screens that it is different from the regular screen of Android and iOS smartphones. So, the ratio between the screens should be perfect and 100% accurate to provide top-notch quality to the user.

What things you need to consider before developing a foldable app?

  • Make sure it can be open in any ratio.
  • Make sure it is well equipped with multi window mode.
  • Make sure the ratios are accurate while switching from a folded state to unfolded state.
  • Make sure you allow the user to use multi-windows. Because switching between windows can produce a bug. Multi-window makes the multi-tasking seamless.

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