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We are very used online and with hands that we often don’t stop to think about what type of technology helps us run this application. Usually, it’s not a problem – we don’t think about electricity when we turn on the lights. However, when you decide to create an application for your business, it is conducive to understanding what the spa means (single application) and how the difference is with a multi-page (MPa) application.

In this article, we will talk about what a single page (spa) application, the benefits of what spa brings to users and business, how it works with SEO, what is the pros and cons, and finally, how the hotel works thus technology as a blazer, angular, react.js, and vue.js.

What is the meaning of a one-page application, and why we need a one-page application?

Application One page is an application that does not need to reload pages during its use and work in the browser. 

One of the best advantages of the SPA that is properly configured is a user experience (UX). Users enjoy the natural environment application without having to wait for the reload of pages and other things. You stay on the same page, which is powered by the JavaScript programming language.

Before we go further, there are three abbreviations you will see in this article:

OPA – one-page application (as we mentioned above)

MPA – Multi-page application (a traditional application that contains a new page when you click on the link)

PWA – Progressive web application (website built using JavaScript or framework and can act as an application, e.g., you can, for example, add it to your mobile home as an application)

Advantages of single-page applications: 

Why use a single page application?

The main advantage of the one-page application is its speed. Most of the spa needs (HTML + CSS + Script) are loaded at the application’s launch and do not need to rely on during use. The only thing that changes is data transmitted to and from the server. As a result, this application is very responsive to user questions and does not have to wait for client-server communication at any time.

The one-page app is perfect when you have a developer team that works together. This allows backend developers to focus on APIs. In contrast, Frontend developers can pay more attention to creating the best user experience based on the fire backend and implementing a beautiful user interface.

One-page Debugging Application is also easy to use in the Chrome browser because it has a unique tool for angular Batarang and reacts (the technology used for the spa.) Using the console, you can monitor network operations and investigate various page elements and related data.

The caching process is also quite efficient – the application only sends one request, stores all the data transmitted and can use it. This is especially important when users can have poor connectivity – s / he can still use your application because it is synchronized with the server when the connection increases.

We have mentioned the progressive web application (PWA) above, and the spa can be easily transformed into PWA. In turn, this allows developers to provide local caching and offer offline experiences to clients and users.

Loss of a single page application: 

Why is the application not one page?

Apart from all the advantages of the single page application, nothing is perfect. Let’s check the times when the spa can not be an ideal solution. What do we mean by the loss of page one page application?

The one-page application places a more significant load in the browser. For example, if your users have low power devices, they will have a bad application experience in terms of speed.

Optimizing SEO for one-page application

Seo optimization is complicated when you have a one-page application, which is why we decided to dedicate a separate part to it in a spa loss.

It’s safer to use the spa when you don’t rely on search engine optimization (SEO), for example, if your application can only be accessed via the login.

On the other hand, if you have a blog, it’s increasingly difficult for search engines to index your spa website as opposed to traditional pages provided by the server. This is because the URL does not change, and different pages usually do not have their URL address.

Migration problem single page application

One-page application sounds like they are sent from heaven to simplify the user experience with a website. Fast and comfortable; It’s almost perfect. Is this real? When you think of migrating to the one-page application from MPa, you must stop and consider the pros and cons (which we have mentioned above.)

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