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Who We Are ?

We develop creative solutions for small and big brands alike, build authentic product identities and much more.Our team is made up of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The core duties of our teams is to create efficient and innovative products and deliver high quality services.We ensure full client satisfaction with our high standards of quality and efficiency. Over the long term, we plan to become one of the largest companies in the world in the fields of block chain technology solutions and artificial intelligence solutions

Involvement into Top-level Decisions

OKR Framework

Initiant implemented the OKR approach at the end of 2019 year. Since then, every person in the company can be involved in OKR design and implementation

Feedback culture

Each half-year we run Initiant, the Survey to define the satisfaction level of our people and gather insights on how to make the work at Initiant better. Based on detailed analysis.


Top Management Team communicates results and achievements towards strategic goals on a quarterly basis, and conducts Q&A sessions for each direction

" Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers. "

– Jared Spool

Social Responsibility


We support innovative education, creating learning opportunities for intellectual and talented people interested in IT. We believe that raising expertise, service and quality of education will sustain Ukraine’s growth in the list of top players on the IT Global Market.


By investing in sports activities we promote the well-being and active lifestyle within the IT community. We believe that sports and well-balanced lifestyle are essential for good mood, brain activity, physical and mental health of people.

Our People

What people value the most at Initiant

People Relation & Atmosphere
self-realization via projects and products
Possibilities to grow and improve
openness & transparency


About your Next project.


Address : 01 Liberty ST# 5200, NewYork, NY 10006

Phone : (+1) 9173101604


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