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The survey says that nearly more than 800 million people use Android applications worldwide. Can you still afford to be on the blind side of 800 million potential customers? Initiant provides Android App development services to companies by utilising its team of expert developers experienced in working with Startups and Enterprises.

Our developers adhere to best optimised Android application development tools to provide top product development services. We are experts in Native mobile app Development, Hybrid app development(Xamarin, ReactNative, Flutter), Game development, Android Security Architecture, OpenGL using Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

Why Android Application Development?

The Android application market is growing at a fast pace. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why companies should go for Android App Development


Easy-to-use & highly engaging apps

Brand Vision

Capturing wider market in highly influential technology market


Customized profitable apps that suit your business needs

Google Supports

Owned by Google that supports all computing tasks

Android App Development Process


Refining the app idea into a solid base of the application is the first and most significant stage in the development process of Android application. The initial analysis of the app must include the demographics, behavior patterns, and goals of the buyer.

Design & Feasibilty

In this phase of the Android development, the UX (user experience) designer architects the design elements’ interaction, while the UI (user interface) designer builds the app’s persona by keeping in mind the modern user’s preference.


During this stage, a working prototype is developed to validate the functionality, assumptions, and understanding of the project scope. App goes through a broad set of steps as the development progresses from functionality development to light testing

Testing & Deployment

One of the critical components of the app development process, it is a good idea to test at early stages, often for usability, interface & security checks, stress, compatibility, and performance. After fixing the bugs, the app moves to the deployment phase.

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Highly competent & functional

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