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UI / UX Design Consultants

From design to estimation to installation, we take a hands-on approach with managing and meeting your expectations.

Mobile UI/UX Design Consulting

Design consulting services help enhance the brand and elevate business presence across mobile and web platforms. Responsiveness and uniqueness are the two factors that make a design great. Here are a few benefits that you can avail by hiring UI/UX design consultants:

Increaed Efficiency

If you hire a UI/UX design consultant, you can increase your efficiency and raise profit margins. It can also help you in boosting lead generation

Better Performance

UI/UX design consulting services can help you improve your product’s overall performance and unlock its potential, giving better results to your customers.

Competitive Advantage

UI/UX design consultants can help you gain substantial competitive advantage and optimize conversion rates. As a result, this can increase customer lifetime value for your business

Exellent Design Consulting Services

We can aid you with service offerings like processing, redesigning, reviewing, and mapping out business strategy, design modules, and user flow.

Design Consulting Services

By Initiant

We specializes in designing, branding, and providing consultancy on mobile and web application development. We strive to creative distinctive visual identities for our clients to help them achieve their goal. Our UI/UX design consulting services include:

Requirement Understanding

First off, we suggest to understand the product needs and goals. It is imperative to understand the requirements clearly and specifically in order to design the perfect UI/UX.


Research helps in understanding the target audience and user behavior. It helps in improving the understanding of the market and how to better make it meaningful for the consumer. Further, we help create an architecture structure for the product

Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototyping and wireframing helps in defining the hierarchy of items on a screen and gives a clear understanding of how to communicate them based on user needs.

Redesigning, Reviewing, Testing

We help in reviewing the products’ UI/UX, suggest redesigns wherever required, and consult on various kinds of design testing tools and methodologies.

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