Add Your HeaArtificial Intelligence In Java

Introduction To Java

Java (official website) is another programming language to answer ‘which computer language is used for artificial intelligence?’ Java is also a multi-paradigm language that follows object-oriented principles and the principle of Once Written Read/Run Anywhere (WORA). It is an AI programming language that can run on any platform that supports it without the need for recompilation.

Java is one of the most commonly used and not just in AI development. It derives a major part of its syntax from C and C++ in addition to its lesser tools that them. Java is not only appropriate for NLP and search algorithms but also for neural networks.


  • Very portable; it is easy to implement on different platforms because of Virtual Machine Technology.
  • Unlike C++, Java is simple to use and even debug.
  • Has an automatic memory manager which eases the work of the developer.