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What is UX Research?

A systematic study of target users and their requirements to add insights to design processes.

UX Research is defined as carrying out extensive research about users’ requirements and implementing the insights gained into the UX design process. The research requires various tools and techniques to understand user behavior and discover issues that affect the overall UX.

Our Expertise

Initiant UX Research Services

Charting the preliminaries

We set the groundwork and lay out simplified plans to base the project on. It is crucial to understand the target audience, demographics, and user behavior and why would they consume the said product or service.

Defining the objective

Based on the requirements collected, we define clear objectives from the end-users and the business, both. This helps us derive user-centric theories which we then study in order to prove or disprove them.

Running a set of tests

We run a bunch of tests that usually include Usability A/B Tests and carry out evaluation processes for better assessment. Our team uses various methods and tools based on what is required to achieve.

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