Service Video Strategy Video Content Strategy Want to produce good video content? You’ll be needing a good video content strategy.

There’s a lot of video out there, and unless you’ve got something useful and interesting to say, yours will very probably sink without trace.

To make any sort of impact, you need video content that speaks to your target audience in a way that rings true, and a way they can’t ignore. This is where your video content strategy comes in. We find mapping things out is the only guaranteed way to arrive at the destination we want. And it’s the same with video content. If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, how can you stay on track? Before you start throwing ideas around, make sure you know what the point is. Know, too, that you need to create something good enough for people to actually want to watch it.

How do you form a good video content strategy?

Research, research, and research some more. We spend time with your key people and a cross section of your customers to uncover current perceptions, challenges and needs. This tells us how your offer fits in – the problem you’re solving for your viewer and the value you’re bringing them – and helps us figure out what truly sets you apart from your competitors. Our findings will lead to a content plan designed to connect with the target audience and guide them to the next stage in their journey with you.

Want to plan interesting, relevant content that really connects with your target audience?

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